Since the Prov. of Ontario has implemented full day kindergarten, our focus has evolved and changed with the shifting demographics and desires of our clients. One of the largest growth programs at our facility became Kid’s Karate. As a result, we have changed our focus and are now solely offering Martial Arts programs.
Our kids Karate program has evolved over the last 12 years and we now have 10 classes/week with kids who range from beginner white belts to our most advanced black belts! 
We are located at 3385 Yonge St.
 Please come and visit us for a FREE Karate trial anytime.


2007 – “Mother Goose”, a.k.a. Nancy Schmeler, has many years of experience in retail territory management, real estate, project management and public relations.

After frequenting many indoor activity/play facilities in the Greater Toronto Area with my two young daughters, I felt there was a need for this kind of facility in our Yonge & Lawrence neighbourhood. During the past year we visited over fifty indoor play facilities throughout the 
Greater Toronto Area and the U.S.  With valuable input from family and friends, as well as child care givers, instructors of children’s classes and nursery school teachers, I felt motivated and well prepared to pursue my “dream” and venture into my own business.
Our Philosophy
Our goal was to be the premier Indoor Playground and Family Entertainment Facility in Toronto. We provided daily drop-in play (Mon-Sat), parent and tot classes, and private birthday parties.
Our aim was to provide a safe, clean, and bright environment for you and your children to imagine, play, create and, most importantly, get out of the house for some fun and healthy activities.
We were happy to provide the above services for over 6 years.

In the last 5 years we have transitioned to solely offering Karate classes – our students & instructor have been with us for over 10 years.  Email us for a free karate trial!